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I have carried out a wide range of projects for organisations within the hospitality and tourism industries. I have translated websites, brochures and guides of different regions and cities in France, Martinique, Guaralupe Island, Réunion Island and French Polynesia. I have also translated many websites for hotels, camping sites and cruise lines

My studies in History and Art have allowed me to specialise in the art field. I have been responsible for: projects for very important French museums in the fields of art, history and archeology; part of a catalogue for the Prado Museum; texts for various exhibitions; medieval, Muslim and Egyptian info sheets, etc.


Another highlight was the translation and coordination of the Algerian Stamp Encyclopedia, which I carried out in 2007 alongside a team of collaborators. In addition to this, I have also translated a book about the Normandy landings.

Additionally, for over two years I regularly translated diplomatic press releases from Russian to Spanish.

Thanks to my thorough and continuous research, I have been able to expand my field of expertise to more technical subjects. As a result, I have now spent over ten years translating texts on the car and tyre industry, general watchmaking and Haute Horlogerie, railway, as well as internet-related topics (hosting webs, audience monitoring, multimedia).

​I have translated handbooks and technical documents on a wide range of specialities, such as          industrial printers, guillotines, industrial robots, cork stoppers, boilers, street cleaning vehicles, health equipment, safety equipment, home appliances, computers, photo and video cameras, etc.

I often translate marketing texts for diverse industry sectors, and non-specialised legal texts of different nature (qualifications, certificates, deeds, contracts, normatives). I am also experienced in other fields such as music (sheet music websites, musician biographies), oenology, board games and video games, environment, fashion and furniture catalogues, human resources and the food industry.

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